The World is a Wonderful Place and I'm Not Afraid of the Playoffs

Everything is great! Thanksgiving was amazing (thanks for asking), and we are now talking about the Vikings having home field advantage all the way through the Super Bowl. Usually in this blog, I would tell you to pump the brakes and remind everyone of all the terrible things that have gone wide left or been in the huddle when they shouldn't have been. But not this year. And it's not because I think Keenum will continue his unbelievable streak, or that I think Teddy will come back and reclaim his place on the throne. It's not that I think this defense could hang with the '85 Bears or '00 Ravens (although they are a part of it). It's not that I think Zimmer is on the fast track to having the trophy renamed Lombardi/Zimmer. 
It's because I'm not afraid of anyone. 
It seems like nearly every year there is a super scoring, juggernaut offense with a young Offensive Coordinator that basically cleans house all regular season, creates one or two superstar Wide Receivers and then returns to a non-videogame level while winning games in the playoffs. That team is not in the 2017 NFL. Sure, the Patriots are to be respected and I would not be shocked if they represented the AFC in the Super Bowl, and I would not be surprised if they wound up beating our Vikings. But I am not afraid of them. Sure, the Eagles look pretty good, but would you bet on a second year QB on the road against this defense? Wentz doesnt scare me, There is no Hail Mary Packers, Seattle seems to be fine with Russell Wilson running for his life as an offensive scheme, Atlanta is still reeling from their Super Bowl nightmare. There is no 41-0 against this defense. The Vikings might get beat, and it might be on a heart breaking kick or interception, but we must regain our perspective. Remember, usually at this time of year the Vikings are jockeying for wild card positioning in the "still in the hunt" portion of the playoff graphic, knowing full well that even if they get in, they will eventually be exposed by a more talented team. They are in the driver seat, mainly because there is no one taking the wheel.  I dont think that team exists this year and I'm not afraid to say it.